How can I know if I have renal artery disease?


During your routine medical checkup, your doctor will ask you a variety of questions that may suggest renal artery disease. Tell your doctor whatever you can about your family’s and your own medical history.

 In particular, your doctor will ask you questions about:

 • Your history of heart disease and whether your parents, sisters or brothers have had a heart attack or stroke

• Medications, including vitamins and supplements, you take

• Your typical diet

• If you smoke or have ever smoked

• How much exercise you get

• If you have ever been told you have kidney disease

• If you have high or difficult-to-control blood pressure

 Your doctor will also perform a complete physical examination. Your doctor will also listen to your heart and lungs. Depending on the results, additional tests, such as an ultrasound or MRI, may be recommended to make pictures of your kidney blood vessels, which can reveal how open or narrow the kidney arteries are.