Can the renal (kidney) arteries become reblocked after angioplasty?

Renal artery disease, or renal artery stenosis (RAS), is a condition in which blockages are present in the arteries that carry blood to the kidneys. One treatment option for RAS is angioplasty and stenting. Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure performed to clear blocked arteries. In certain circumstances, a tiny metal, mesh tube called a stent is inserted to keep the artery from collapsing and to allow blood to flow through.
Arteries can become blocked again after they have been treated. A re-narrowing of the artery, called restenosis, may cause you to again experience high blood pressure or other complications due to RAS. A second procedure may be needed to widen the artery again.
To keep your vessels from clogging again and to protect your health, it is extremely important to take the medications prescribed by your doctor and to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, manage your diabetes, and avoid smoking.