Are there alternative treatments for vaginal cancer?


Alternative treatments for vaginal cancer either have not been widely identified or are not officially endorsed. However, women diagnosed with this disease are encouraged to try activities like swimming, yoga, and meditation to create a healthy mental state. Eating well, staying physically active are also things you can do to promote your own health. Equally important, make sure you have the kind of support you need to help you cope with a serious disease. Cancers of any kind can be frightening, so keeping a positive mindset and strong support system can be important aids in helping you feel better.

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Vaginal Cancer

Although less common than other types of gynecologic cancers, vaginal cancer can be very deadly once it spreads to other parts of the body.Several types of vaginal cancer exist, with the most common being squamous cell carcinoma, ...

which typically develops in the upper region of the vagina. Less than 3% of gynecologic cancers begin in the vagina, although several other cancer types commonly spread to this area. It is unknown what causes vaginal cancer, but several factors increase your risk to develop the disease. If youre over the age of 60, have the human papillomavirus (HPV) or have had other gynecologic cancers like cervical cancer, youre more likely to develop this disease. See your doctor if you have a bloody and rank smelling vaginal discharge, notice painful urination or pelvic pain, or feel a lump in your vagina.

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