What is haemophilus b conjugate vaccine?


Haemophilus b conjugate vaccine is used to prevent infection by the haemophilus influenza type b bacteria. It contains live bacteria to help your body produce antibodies against this disease. Although this vaccine contains a substance related to diptheria, tetanus and meningococcal vaccines, it should not take the place of the normal vaccines against those diseases.

The haemophilus b conjugate vaccine is recommended for all children between two months and 5 years of age; the specific age recommended depends on which type of vaccine your child is getting. Haemophilus b conjugate vaccine is given as a series of injections to a specific schedule by a healthcare professional in a hospital or clinic. It is important not to let your child miss any scheduled appointments for injections.

Brand name haemophilus b conjugate vaccines include: ActHIB, PedvaxHIB and Hiberix. Talk to your doctor to determine whether your child should get a haemophilus b conjugate vaccine.

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