Can the flu shot infect me with a virus?

Peter M. Lefevre, MD
Internal Medicine
The flu shot cannot infect you with a virus because the injectable form is an inactivated or “killed” virus to avoid causing the infection. In some cases, it can produce a minor immune response in the first 24-to-48 hours, including low-grade fever and muscle pain, as the immune system develops antibodies against the flu – but that is nothing compared to the potentially severe and life-threatening symptoms of the flu itself.
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Diana K. Blythe, MD

The flu shot cannot infect you with a virus because it does not contain a live virus. What the flu shot does is train your body to fight off the influenza virus if you are exposed.

After a flu shot, you may feel a mild elevation in your temperature or some soreness in the arm at the injection site. Moving your arm will help with the soreness.


The flu shot cannot infect you with a virus. The shot contains viruses that have been killed and therefore have no ability to infect your body. Flu vaccine manufacturers also test their products for safety.

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