What should I know before receiving pneumococcal vaccine polyvalent?


Pneumococcal vaccine polyvalent is meant to prevent disease, not treat it. This vaccination is intended for those who are 65 years of age and older and those who have health problems. However, you may need to wait to receive the vaccine if you are being treated for certain conditions, like HIV or AIDS, organ transplant or a damaged spleen. If you have cancer, bleeding problems, bone marrow problems, Hodgkin's disease, a fever or infection, a seizure disorder, low platelet count, an immune system condition or are pregnant, talk to your doctor before receiving this vaccine.

Pneumococcal vaccine polyvalent may interact with certain medications you are taking for your health problems, so discuss all of the medications with your doctor before getting this vaccine. A second injection may be recommended under certain circumstances. The injection should be administered by a healthcare professional.

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