Can women with uterine fibroids become pregnant?

Dr. John C. Lipman, MD
Vascular & Interventional Radiologist

Yes. Many women with fibroids are able to conceive, carry, and deliver children normally. However, fibroids can interfere with every part of the fertility pathway from conception to delivery. Fibroids located in or near the lining of the uterus can prevent a woman from conceiving or cause recurrent miscarriage. Fibroids can block the opening of the fallopian tubes or birth canal. Fibroids can also grow (sometimes rapidly) during pregnancy and cause fetal demise. Location and size are important deteriminants with regards to fertility. Fibroids that are farther away from the lining are less likely to interfere and obviously smaller fibroids are less likely in general to affect fertility than larger ones.

Most women who have uterine fibroids are able to become pregnant without too many issues. In rare cases, uterine fibroids may make it more difficult to become pregnant if they block the fallopian tubes or cause the uterus to become misshapen, which may make it more difficult for an egg to attach to the uterus's lining. If a woman with uterine fibroids does become pregnant, she may experience complications during pregnancy. These complications may include a greater risk of miscarriage, early labor and delivery, abnormal fetal position, and excessive bleeding right after delivery. If you have uterine fibroids and have concerns about getting pregnant, talk to your doctor.

Though it depends on the location and size of uterine fibroids, women can still get pregnant while dealing with this condition.

Dr. Evelyn Minaya, MD
OBGYN (Obstetrician & Gynecologist)

Watch as obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Evelyn Minaya discusses if women with uterine fibroids can become pregnant.

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