How can I find out more information about the USDA MyPlate recommendations?

Bethany Thayer
Nutrition & Dietetics
The USDA has created a website with all the information you need. Visit
MyPlate is the most recent tool released by the USDA that serves as an icon to remind consumers to eat healthfully. It depicts the five food groups using a familiar mealtime visual, a place setting. MyPlate is the focal point for a larger, web-based communication and education initiative at that provides information, tips and tools to help you build a healthier diet based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010. 

Also available at is an interactive food guidance system that is based on the USDA Food Patterns, which will provide you with a personalized food plan based on the latest nutrition and health recommendations. Consuming a calorie appropriate, balanced diet that includes a variety of foods in moderation will also allow you to meet the DRIs for your nutrient needs and better manage your health and weight.

At, you will not only find more information regarding the MyPlate recommendations, but also recipes, tips, and other supportive materials to help you maintain a healthy diet.
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