How can I cope with symptoms of urge incontinence?

Jill Rabin
OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

You should relax if you have urge incontinence:

• Relaxing lessens the strong urge to void immediately, permitting you to
  take control.

• Relaxing allows you to concentrate on other activities, enabling you to
  wait longer before voiding.

• If possible, sit for a moment until the spasm passes. The upward
  pressure from the chair on your pelvic muscles may help quiet your
  bladder temporarily, just long enough to buy you that extra minute or
  two you need to calmly walk to the bathroom.

You should not rush if you have urge incontinence:

• Rushing stimulates your bladder and makes you more acutely aware of
  just how full it is. This increases your urge to void.

• Rushing can make your bladder contract more forcefully and makes it
  more difficult to hold back urine leakage.

• Rushing exerts more downward pressure on your bladder, thereby
  pushing out urine.

• Rushing makes you lose your ability to focus on controlling the urge.

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