How can pulsed magnetic field therapy treat urinary incontinence?

One method of rehabilitating a weakened pelvic floor in both men and women employs pulsed, focused magnetic fields generated by a patented device called NeoControl, available in some medical clinics. Pulsed magnetic energy causes the muscles to contract by stimulating the nerves that control them. This approach is the same as that has been used to keep muscles from atrophying while an athlete is in a cast.

For the treatment, you sit fully clothed on a special chair. During a 20- to 30-minute session, the chair sends pulsed magnetic fields to your pelvic floor. Your doctor will determine the optimal strength and frequency of the pulses. Treatments are painless, but you will feel your muscles contracting without any effort on your part. A typical treatment series involves 16 sessions spread over eight weeks. A urologist (a medical doctor who treats the urinary systems of both men and women) or urogynecologist (a gynecologist with special training and interest in incontinence) is most likely to have this device in his or her office.

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