How does urethral cancer affect the body?


Urethral cancer can affect the body by spreading and infecting otherwise healthy tissues and organs elsewhere in the body. Urethral cancer can spread through the bloodstream, lymph nodes, or directly from cancerous tissue cells into the healthy tissue cells next to them. All cancers may have serious consequences, including death. Urethral cancer, in particular, may cause issues with the urinary system. A person with urethral cancer might find blood in their urine, or may have difficulty urinating altogether.

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Urethral Cancer

A rare disease, urethral cancer can spread quickly throughout the body if not caught early.Affecting women more than men, this cancer causes cells in the lining of the urethra to grow abnormally. The urethra is responsible for car...

rying urine from the bladder to outside our bodies. Although there are three types of urethral cancer, the most common type is squamous cell carcinoma. This type of carcinoma typically develops near the bladder in women. The closer the cancer is to the bladder, the more difficult it is to treat and cure. Urethral cancer is often asymptomatic in the beginning. However, see your doctor right away if you notice blood in your urine, need to urinate often, feel pain when you urinate or have recurrent urinary tract infections.

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