How does undescended testis affect the body?


Although there are no immediate complications from an undescended testis, health problems can occur later in life. An undescended testicle is more prone to problems, since it is trapped within the warm core of the body and cannot regulate its temperature as in the scrotum. There is an increased risk of developing testicular torsion, a painful condition that can kill the testicle, as well as higher risks of hernias in the groin and testicular cancer. Men who were born with undescended testicles may also have low fertility later in life.

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Undescended Testis

Cryptorchidism, or undescended testis, is a fairly common occurrence in which one or both of the testicles has not moved into the scrotum upon birth. This condition happens in about 4% of baby boys and often corrects itself after ...

a few months. Premature babies have a higher rate of cryptorchidism than full-term pregnancies. Surgery can be used to correct the condition in boys whose testicles have not descended after a few months.

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