Why would I need a venous ultrasound?

Syed M. Peeran, MD
Vascular Surgery
A venous ultrasound is an imaging technique that looks at the veins in the legs or the arms. In this video, vascular surgeon Syed Peeran, MD from Portsmouth Regional Hospital explains when this technique is used and what it looks for.
Matthew R. Reynolds, DO
Vascular Surgery
In this video, Matthew Reynolds, DO from Largo Medical Center explains what a venous ultrasound is and why a patient might need it.
In this video, Eddy Luh, MD, FACS from Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, shares why someone may need a venous ultrasound, beyond varicose veins.
Greenville Health System
Venous ultrasound is the gold standard for the diagnosis of deep venous thrombosis (DVT), which is a life-threatening condition but which can be treated when diagnosed. Venous ultrasound also is available to help determine the cause of varicose veins. Positioning patients and using blood pressure cuffs can help show whether venous reflux is present. Knowing the status of venous reflux assists the physician in determining appropriate treatment options.
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