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Who might need an ultrasound in addition to a mammogram?

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    If something abnormal is detected in a mammogram, the next step is usually to take additional x-ray views or an ultrasound. Ultrasound is also used to create visual images of breast tissue. Ultrasonography, or ultrasound, uses high-frequency sound waves. The images it creates can be viewed on a monitor and allows your healthcare professional to see if a breast lump is a fluid-filled cyst (not cancer) or a solid mass (which may or may not be cancer). Ultrasound may be used with a mammogram, and the images produced are printed and/or stored as video.
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    Mammography is more difficult in younger women, since they have more dense fibrous tissue, which can make it more difficult to visualize tumors. It is not uncommon that a breast ultrasound will be done as well as a mammogram in order to properly screen women who have extremely dense breast tissue. Ultrasounds may also be useful in determining suspicious areas, such as a cyst, or may be useful for guiding the needle biopsies. Magnetic resonance imagings (MRIs) can be used for patients who have very dense breasts.
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