Will circuit training help my endurance?

YES. Circuit training is great for endurance. Your workload with minimal rest will help you increase your endurance and burn a lot more calories. I do this type of training with my clients all the time and the love it. Endurance training not only helps with endurance but also improves heart function and lung capacity. So the question is why wouldn't you do endurance training.
Kyle True, DC
Chiropractic Medicine

Without a doubt. Circuit training will force your heart to maintain a elevated heart rate throughout the exercise. Such as running long distance. The added benefit to circuit training, is while performing the exercise you allow yourself to increase the workload (ex. adding more repetitions or increasing the amount of weight). This will force your heart to elevate and work harder to supply your muscles and tisues as well as increasing your respiration to make up for the increase in buildup of carbon dioxide and increase demand of oxygen being required. This will not only challenge your musculoskeletal system but challenge your cardiovascular system. Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume will have to increase due to the increase demand on the body/system. 

So yes, circuit training will help as well as be beneficial when it comes to training/increasing your endurance. 

Running long distances for MMA can help develop a "base of cardio" and can assist in weight loss. However, we need to look at the "risk to benefit ratio" of doing this activity during a training camp. Some of these “risks” include the athletes legs may be become over trained and perpetually tired, therefore causing a decrease in performance in the rest of their training. Also, the repetitive ”long runs” can cause the athletes develop overuse injuries to the knees and ankles and lastly, these “long runs” runs are usually done at a slow pace.

Running long distances is an outdated concept in the MMA conditioning world. There are better ways to condition the athletes that do not cause overuse injuries or force the athlete's legs to be perpetually tired. Additionally running long distances does not elevate the athlete's heart rate to the level that is specific to an MMA competition. Athletes need to train metabolically specific for their sport. Therefore running long distances is not appropriate for the MMA athlete. It is much more appropriate for these athletes to train at, near, or above their anaerobic threshold to gain the most from their training. Examples of this type training are intervals or sprint training. The mode of training does not necessarily need to be running. It can include other forms of cardiovascular training methods like UBE or Airdyne bikes.

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