Why do I need to train stability before training for strength?


It's a good idea to develop stability before focusing on developing overall strength.  If you have good stability, you will hold form better in strength training and other activities.  I like to define stability as "getting rid of unwanted movement".  For example, if you are doing squats, you want to hold your spine upright and not let the heavy weight collapse it forward.  And if you are doing lunges, you want to eliminate your knees from wobbling.

Training for stability prior to training for strength is necessary to build the proper foundation from which your body can more efficiently move. Research has demonstrated that if you cannot efficiently stabilize your body and joints, then you cannot generate as musc force from them. A lack of stability can also increase stress at your joints and overloads other tissues (tendons ligaments) that may potentially lead to injury. Stabilization training, prior to strength training, addresses posture concerns that you may have as well as provides an efficient workout in terms of caloric burn and building endurance in your muscles; therefore it is an ideal program to begin with prior to entering heavier strength training programs.

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