What plyometric exercises should I do?

Plyometric programs for baseball players should employ a combination of upper and lower body activities. Box jumps, depth jumps, bounding and hopping are excellent exercises for the lower body, particularly when using a ladder or jumping over cones placed on the ground. For the upper body, weighted medicine balls thrown against a trampoline, or thrown with a partner are superb plyometric activities to help develop strength and power in the upper body. Medicine balls of varying weights can be thrown in a forward or side stance with either one or two arms. There are many variations that can be employed with plyometric activities, as any activity that employs a quick elongation of a muscle followed by a rapid contraction of the same muscle is technically a plyometric activity. The benefits of plyometric exercises extend beyond the simple muscle group being activated to initiate the propulsive movement. Upper and lower body plyometric activities also engage the core to stabilize both the initiation of motion, and the return to neutral posture. Keep in mind that due to the increased risk of injury with plyometric activities, it is imperative that the athlete is flexible and fit enough for the demands of the exercise. Plyometric programs are excellent off season activities to help develop muscular strength and power as well as develop reaction time in athletes.

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