What exercises will shape my deltoids?

An exercise that will help to shape the deltoids and is also great for the rotator cuff muscles is the ball combo 2. It can be a little tricky to perform at first because it consists of three different movements, but with a little practice you will have it down in no time! Use the technique below to master this exercise. To start, lie on your stomach on top of a stability ball with your legs extended and toes on the ground. Prepare your body for the exercise by drawing-in your belly button to tighten the abs, and reach forward with your arms extended in front of the ball. For the first movement, row your arms and pinch your shoulder blades together while pointing your elbows up toward the ceiling. Next, rotate your shoulders and arms so that your hands are at ear level and forearms are level with the floor. Lastly, press your arms overhead as if you are flying like Superman. Finish the combo 2 exercise by reversing each of the movements; bring your hands back down to ear level and then rotate your shoulders in so that your hands are pointing down to the floor. Return your arms to the starting position in front of the ball and repeat for 12-20 repetitions. To maximize the benefits of this exercise hold each of the arm positions for approximately 2 seconds. As your shoulder strength improves, progress from bodyweight to holding a light dumbbell in each hand. If a stability ball is unavailable, the combo 2 can also be performed on an incline bench or standing in a bent-over position.

Seated dumbell military press is a great exercise for shaping up and rounding out your deltoids.

Remember to mix up exercises and do super sets for maximum results.

With the seated dumbell military press, mix up these exercises for some pumped up shoulders.

Heavier weight - do 10 sets of 3, moving as quickly as you can in a controlled manner, taking very short breaks between sets.

Then move on to lighter weight, and do 7 sets of 10, with short breaks between sets.

You will probably reach muscle failure before you finish your 7th set, but that's perfectly ok.

Working these exercises twice weekly into your workouts will shape up your deltoids with noticable results.

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