What exercises can I do to firm my neck?


The firmness of your neck muscles and skin is largely genetic in origin. If your neck skin and muscles have loosened over time it is not easy to tighten them through exercise means. Good diet, nutrition and avoiding excessive exposure to sun and smoking are the best ways to prevent the firmness of your neck skin and muscles from degrading over time.

There are many ways to help strengthen the neck. I find that because of our regular activities being in front of us that it is more important to start with the muscles in the back. I like to start with any exercise where you are lying on your stomach on a ball and keeping your chin tucked. This way you are working your neck against gravity and it is a safe exercise (but always listen to your body to make sure you are not over doing). Isometric exercises are also easy to do by yourself. Place your hand on one side of your head and gently press against for about 5 seconds. Do the same for each side of your head. Your hand and your head should be applying about the same amount of force so that no motion is produced.  his will work the muscles of your neck without building extra muscle mass.

If you have a very healthy neck with no pain or history of injury, build up the neck with shoulder shrugs. Just hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring your shoulders to your ears. While this is popular and does build up muscle, it’s not great for posture. 

Always remember that this is an area that needs to stay healthy, so always make sure you are using good posture. Keep your ears over your shoulders and not in front of your shoulders. Slightly tuck your chin, so that you are just a little taller. Your neck has a lot to hold on to, so listen carefully to what it has to say.

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