What specific exercise will increase my ab strength?

In Core Strength training, exercises involve more dynamic eccentric and concentric movements of the spine through a full range of motion. These exercises are designed to generate “force production” and “force reduction”.

Some of these exercises are: Ball Crunch with dumbbells, Reverse Crunch with ankle weights, Standing Cable Crunch and Cable Rotation . In order to increase abdominal strength you need to increase the intensity of your exercise systematically by either loading more weight or challenge yourself Proprioceptively.

Remember as a rule to make your core strength exercise more efficient, always draw in the region just below the navel toward the spine.



There are numerous exercises that can improve abdominal strength. Traditionally, exercises such as floor crunches, reverse crunches and crunches with rotation can help in improving abdominal strength. But it is more than just the exercise that will improve abdominal strength. If you're not overloading the abdominal muscles, there is no reason for them to get stronger. So you must gradually challenge the abdominals muscles to they can adapt to the new stresses placed upon them and thus become stronger. So no matter what abdominal exercise you choose, you can start by performing 1 set of 10 repetitions. As this becomes easier, you can increase your repetitions to 15 and then 20 and/or increase the volume from 1 set, to 2 sets, to 3 sets. Another way to create overload is by holding a weight to increase stress to the abdominals. This type of progression will continuously overload the abdominals giving them something new to have to adapt to and thus, increasing strength.

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