What chest exercises are good for beginners?


One of my favorite exercises is push-ups. For many, push-ups seem intimidating but you must face your fear and defeat it! These exercises are one of the best exercises you can possibly complete. SOO many muscles are engaged and the best part, you are making your abdominals extremely strong without even knowing it!

  • Push-up – If you are a beginner then find and elevated surface. Using the wall or a table would be a great start. Walk up to the surface, place your hands on it. Keep your body in a straight line; envision yourself standing up so those hips should be lined up with the rest of your body! Next, slowly lower your mid-chest to the surface as you inhale. Following, exhale and push away from the surface. Bam! Complete 3 sets of 10. Once these sets of 10 get easier, then lower you to a lower surface.
Eric Olsen

The "bench press" is a good chest exercise for beginners: With a dumbbell in each hand, lie back on a bench and hold the dumbbells against your chest, palms facing toward your feet. Push up slowly until your arms are extended. Hold a beat, and make sure the small of your back is flat against the bench, or as flat as you can make it. Don't arch your back. Lower slowly. Repeat 10 to 15 times. You can do the same exercise using a barbell. In the gym, there are a variety of machines that provide the same workout. 

Note, if you use a barbell rather than dumbbells, it is absolutely essential that you have a "spotter." Otherwise, there's a danger of getting trapped under the bar if you fail to complete a lift.

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