What is a balance tool in fitness training?

JC Pinzon
A balance tool is a gadget or device used in fitness training to challenge balance in unstable environments. There are tools out there to use such as soft pads or discs filled with air that help you increase proprioception and balance. Doing movements that require standing on one leg also helps. Start using tools for the first time with two legs and then progress to one leg. Then begin incorporating the arms, and move on from static to active movements when using balance training. Balance tools are new challenges and can be fun, but must be slowly progressed with good spotting to avoid falling.

A balance or stabilization tool is anything that provides a propriceptively rich environment. Basically what this means is that anyway we can provide an unstable base that forces the client to balance or stabilize can be called a tool. The most popular tools are a bosu, indo board, or simply having a client stand on one foot.

Balance tools have been used to increase core and balance stability and strength. When you use one of these tools, it will challenge your ability to balance, which is helpful in teaching your body how to maintain control in different, challenging environments, as well as increase the number of muscles you use during an activity (thereby increasing the amount of calories you burn). You might see tools such as Dyna discs, Airex pads, or BOSUs. All of these tools will help you gain better balance and core stability.

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