Is there a way to slim my hips and rear? 

To lose weight from a specific area you need to perform cardiorespiratory exercise and reduce your caloric intake and lose body fat from throughout the body. As your body starts to tap into stored body fat it will gradually take weight from the areas that have the fattest  like the hips and rear areas. Continue to combine diet and exercise together until those areas fat deposits have been reduced. 
The resting side kick gets at it and it gets at it quick. You will feel it in no time. It also will burn those love handles.

Come down onto your left side and relax your left ear on your arm. With your knees bent at a 135 degree angle and your heels in line with your spine, lift your right leg, flex your foot and tap your knee lightly on the ground in front of you. Lift the leg back up, straighten it and kick it 3feet in the air above your left foot. Do 20 times and then switch sides. Keep your stomach taut and resist rocking.


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