I am tired of doing bench presses for my chest, what else can I do?

Other exercises you can incorporate to replace a bench press include: dumbbell chest press on a stability ball, dumbbell chest on a bench (single or alternating arm), push-ups, and standing cable chest press (single arm, single leg, or alternating arm). You can also create a different experience for yourself by adjusting various acute variables including sets, repetition and rest periods. When first starting out, perform one to three sets of 12 - 20 repetitions and a rest interval of up to 90 seconds. You should also use a slow tempo when performing each repetition. This will help your chest muscles build endurance. After roughly four weeks of steady training, increase the intensity of your workouts, by using heavier weights, more sets (2-4) and fewer repetitions (6-12). Adjusting the acute variables as well as the exercises will help you change up your workout and keep boredom at bay.

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