What stretch can open up my shoulders?


A great stretch to open up your shoulders, primarily your rear delts will be to complete the following:

  • Take one arm, your left for example, and have it cross your body.  Be sure when doing this to keep your shoulder relaxed.  Next, take your other arm and grab around your elbow.  Slightly pull your left arm towards the right side of your body, with shoulder relaxed, and feel the stretch in your shoulder.  Be sure to repeat on the other side.

This is one of my favorite stretches for the shoulders and upper back, and I do it all the time. My Mom taught it to me, and it works.  She calls it the chicken wing. Go easy into it because you are getting more of a stretch than you think. Once you come out of it you will be able to tell how much tension was released. 

Bring the back of your left hand to the side of your left hip. Take your right hand and clasp your left elbow. While sitting up straight pull your left elbow towards your pulled in stomach. Hold where you feel the stretch and take five deep breaths, switch sides. This is great to do if you sleep on one side of your body all night. If you are really tight and this is too hard for you, start with your hand further behind your back.

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