If I don't have access to specialized balance equipment, what can I do?

Casey Smith
Sports Medicine
The use of specialized balance equipment is often done at the expense of good form.  Too many times I have seen people in the gym or training room struggling to do basic movements on unstable surfaces, when it appears that they cannot perform the basic movement in a controlled environment.  Balance discs, foam pads, foam rolls, etc. should be items that are worked up to over time.  There are many ways to increase the difficulty of a balance exercise on a flat, stable surface.  Adding or increasing external resistance, changing planes of movement, reducing or eliminating visual input, performing the exercise for time versus repetitions are all excellent ways to challenge and enhance your proprioceptive feedback without expensive, specialized equipment.
Balance training does not have to involve expensive, specialized equipment.  Simply using a single-leg stance will work.  You can also use items found around the house such as small pillows.

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