5 Moves for a Summer-Ready Backside

Get your butt in gear with these simple and fun exercises.

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Don't tell us. We know. Summer's here, so there's no more hiding behind bulky sweaters and big jeans.

But don't panic. You can get your backside ready for shorts and swimwear fast with these simple tips.

Medically reviewed in February 2019.

Hit the stairs

2 / 6 Hit the stairs

Seek the stairs everywhere you go, says exercise expert Tina Vindum, author of Outdoor Fitness. Here's how to make them work for your backside: fully plant your foot on each stair, and firmly press through your heel and tighten your glutes as you straighten your leg with each step. 

Take a kickback

3 / 6 Take a kickback

Give your butt an even better stair workout by lifting your free leg straight behind you as you take each step. Raise it to a 45-degree angle, and squeeze your glutes as you lift, says Vindum. This is just like a rear leg raise, which is great for your bottom and lower back. 

Cop a squat on a hill

4 / 6 Cop a squat on a hill

Do your bodyweight squats on a hill for extra backside firming. You should be facing down the slope. According to Outdoor Fitness, this causes you to push your hips and butt back more than if you were on a flat surface, activating the glutes better. 

Lift your hips to the sky

5 / 6 Lift your hips to the sky

You might think you’re getting a break with this exercise since you’re lying down, but don’t be fooled. This move works your butt, your quads and your core. Lie face-up with knees bent and soles of your feet on the floor. Squeeze your abs and raise your hips up. Hold there for a few seconds and then bring your hips back down. For an extra challenge, extend one leg outward while you’re doing these bridges, keeping it in line with your back.

Get lunging now

6 / 6 Get lunging now

Why walk when you can lunge? Lunges are a great lower body exercise, hitting everything from your calves on up to your quads, inner thighs and glutes. Try the walking lunge version. Step forward with your right foot and drop your left knee down to the floor. Stand up, step forward with your left foot and repeat. 

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