Will doing olympic lifts help me increase total body strength?


Great answers by the group, in addition to developing overall body strength and power olympic lifting also causes your body to release a greater percentage of natural hormones that can elicit more growth in your body.

Ever wonder why people who use free weights are generally more muscular than those who do a lot of machines.  Movements that are multi-joint, and cause you to use your core to stabilize and put a great stress via load on your central nervous system will cause your body to release the greatest percentage of natural growth hormones that can lead to more muscular gains.

If you couple olympic lifitng with proper nutrition your body will become much stronger and bigger than using machines that stabilize the weight for you and put less stress on your central nervous system.

Absolutely, Olympic lifting is a great way to build total body strength. The Olympic lifts are ground based, multi-joint exercises that recruit nearly every single muscle group. This makes them a very effective, efficient way to increase muscle mass and force production capabilities over the entire body. Performing these lifts (clean, snatch, jerk) affords the lifter to achieve a much higher total work volume (sets x reps x weight lifted) than more popular, single-joint exercises such as curls. Olympic lifting training cycles can be manipulated to increase power, strength, muscle endurance and aerobic capacity.

Individuals who perform Olympic lifts typically have very strong, well defined posterior chains (basically the whole backside of the body). This is because the lifts emphasize triple extension, which is the simultaneous extension of the ankle, knee and hip joints. When Olympic lifts are utilized in conjunction with assistance exercises such as variations of pulls and presses, you can develop very impressive muscle and strength gains.

Yes, olympic lifts will help to increase total body strength. They are also key exercises to improve total body power. Due to the nature of these exercises (typically lifting heavy loads explosively), both strength and power will be to end adaptation. It will be imprtant that you develop ample amount of flexibility, stability and strength as well as establishing proper lifting techniques before perfoming Olympic lifts as these are quite demanding and performing these lifts without these foundational elements can result in injury.

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