Is interval training beneficial for weight loss?

Interval training works great for weight loss.  The higher intensity bouts will allow you to burn more calories.  However the low intensity bouts will allow your body to get a slight recovery so you don't burn out.  So training this way will allow you to burn more calories and go for a longer time.  This type of training works better for a lot of people because they don't burn themselves out trying a high intensity for long peroids of time.
Yes! It also can be pretty fun as you keep the pace changing throughout the workout. My favorite is high intensity interval training as I am often short on time and know that I can get the most out of a 20 to 25 minute workout this way and feel great. This type of workout allows me to continue burning calories even after my workout is complete.

Interval training can give a big boost to a process called EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption). Intense exercise triggers this process. Your body will be working overtime - even after you are done exercising - to replace this lost energy which will result in more calories burned.

The body adapts under intensity so the harder you push yourself the more your body adapts to being able to function at higher intensities. Ease into it working up to going “all out” and increasing the number of intervals you do. Mix it up with longer (60 sec. to 5 min.) and shorter (20-60 sec.) intervals - followed by a short recovery period (half the duration of the intense time)

Interval training will work as long as you are supporting it with good nutrition. Choosing meals full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Split your meals into six smaller meals spread throughout the day to increase your metabolism.

Remember to eat before you exercise - eating before training gives your body the ability to exercise harder. Make sure to eat something that is easily digested and nutritious about half an hour before you exercise.

Yes, interval training can be very beneficial for weight loss because it forces the body to alternate between high and low-intensity exercise. High-intensity exercise is beneficial because it burns more calories in less time when compared to lower-intensity exercise, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of the workout while minimizing the time spent exercising.

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