How can I increase strength and endurance after steroid use?

It is also important to remember the psychological decreases that come after a steroid cycle.  When using steroids your performance does increase so when a cycle stops it is very important to understand that depression due to a change in how you feel and the strength and performance will also decrease.

The first step is to realize what taking anabolic steroids does to you and accept the fact that it takes time to normalize testosterone levels after a cycle.  It is very very important to continue with heavier loads, flexibility, balance and core work and also you should have a greater focus on your nutrition and supplementation.

Your body burns less calories as you lose muscle so if your lean muscle decreases it is important that you keep an eye on total caloric content when you stop using steroids.  Steroids also help you recover very quickly and increase protein synthesis so nutritional supplements such as creatine, glutamine and nitric oxide products can rapidly improve recovery abilities which you will need to try and maintain your lean muscle.

Steroids are dangerous and illegal.  Put extra emphasis on proper training, nutrition and supplements and realize there are no short-cuts. 

The same strength protocols applied when taking steroids still apply after taking them. Focus on multi-joint exercises using heavier loads, with repetition ranges of 4-8 for 3-5 sets per exercise while resting anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes between sets (depending on how much weight you are lifting).  It's important to remember that your ability to recover may be lessened in comparison to when you were taking steroids, so it's essential to rest at least 48 hours between bouts of resistance training.


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