How do I train to get stronger?

There are a few ways you can train to get stronger. First, you can increase the number of repetitions that you do in your workout. For example, if you are currently doing 8 repetitions of an exercise, try bumping it up to 10 when 8 is too easy. Next, you can increase the weight that you are working out with. Start with a weight that is challenging, but safe and slowly work up from there. Finally, you can increase the number of sets of the workout you complete. For example, if you're completing 2 sets currently, add on a third set to help increase strength. 
Paul Winsper
Sports Medicine

To get stronger, you must give your muscles a reason to change, or in other words, get stronger. To do this, you must progressively challenge your muscles with a new stimulus so your muscles can physiologically adapt to this new stimulus. The reason your muscles make these changes is so that if they are ever challenged again with this stimulus, they can handle the stresses place upon them and decrease the risk of injury. In weight training, some ways to progressively challenge or "overload" your muscles to adapt to new stresses and thus become stronger would be to gradually increase the weight you used during your last training session, increase the number of repetitions you performed during your last training session, and/or increase the number of sets you performed during your last training session. If you continually lift the same weight, using the same repetitions with the sets, your muscles will never be challenged or "overloaded" and ultimately, never get stronger. By making the suggested changes to your workout, your muscles get a new challenge and must adapt to it with improvements in strength being the end result.

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