How do I get stronger shoulders?

To get stronger shoulders, you must first have stable shoulders. Any load-bearing structure (building, house, bridge, etc.) will only be as strong as the stability of its foundation and the human body is no different.  To build the foundation you must make sure that the shoulder joints are in proper alignment and that the muscles that stabilize them are functioning optimally.  This provides the larger muscles in the shoulders the solid foundation they will need to produce as much force as possible.  Ideally, to achieve this you will spend at least 4 weeks focusing on improving your posture and muscular endurance of both the stabilizing muscles and the larger prime mover muscles (muscles you see in the mirror). In addition, incorporate the following exercises as a warm-up prior to your upper-body workouts.  First, foam roll your lats and mid back.  This will help decrease any tension in some key muscles that affect the function of the shoulder joints.  Next, perform the standing chest stretch, ball lat stretch, and standing posterior shoulder stretch.  These stretches will help relax and lengthen some of the major muscles that get tight, affecting your upper-body posture and shoulder health. To target the shoulder stabilizing muscles, perform 1 to 2 sets each of the plank, shoulder ball combo 1, and ball combo 2 exercises.  To increase your strength even more, you can perform typical exercises like dumbbell shoulder presses, barbell shoulder presses, and front raises.        

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