How can I get stronger arms?


Great advice by the NASM but I wanted to add one more additional thought.  In addition to everything NASM said I wanted to tell you that you can get stronger arms without doing biceps or triceps.

Most people think they just need to do curls or dips or specific arm exercises for building strength in their arms.  Major movements that stress multiple joints such as a deadlift, clean and press, pulling your body up (like a pull-up), most kettlebell and TRX movements, you name it that do not specifically use your arms will strengthen your arms.  Remember for the most part your arms are assistant muscle groups and not prime movers.  This means you can get your arms stronger by doing large, multi joint movements.

Think outside the box when training your arms.  When you get into more strength training phases a arm day is fine but during stability and entry level phases of training just focusing on large total body movements will strengthen your arms great.

Strength can be accomplished by overloading a muscle with external resistance beyond its current capability. In order to maximize strength gains, you should take several factors into consideration. The first of these factors is flexibility. A muscle can exert the greatest amount of force when it is at it's optimal length, meaning a short or tight muscle will have less ability to produce maximal tension. For this reason, make sure that the muscle you are attempting to strengthen has optimal length and the joint with which it is associated with has full range of motion. Strength gains can also be maximized by progressing first from stabilization programs. Stability builds a solid foundation from which the body can produce greater force. To accomplish stabilization, use less sets of greater repetitions while performing exercises in an unstable environment (for example, 3 sets of 20 repetitions, while performing biceps curls on one leg). You can then progress to strength adaptations by performing more sets of less repetitions and performing exercises in a more stable environment (for example, 5 sets of 6 repetitions while performing biceps curls seated on a bench).

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