How can I get stronger if I can’t even do one push-up?


If you can’t do regular push-ups, start with a modified pushup! A modified pushup is one where you are in position, but on your knees instead of feet. This makes the exercise slightly easier. Start with the modified push-up and perform 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. If you still have a hard time getting to 8-10 reps, shoot for 4-6. Do these every other day, and notice how they get easier and easier.

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
Get up off the floor to draw more weight to your feet. This will decrease resistance for the upper body and let you perfect your form as you get stronger. I teach push-ups with hands on the ballet barre in class. You can use your kitchen counter, or another stable surface. I think you will be surprised how quickly your strength improves if you do small sets of “countertop” push ups each day. Don’t forget to activate your core, draw the belly into the body without holding your breath and use that strength to guide you up in the push-up.

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