How is stabilization training perfomed?

There are several ways to do stabilization training with your own body and with equipment as well.  For example you can make a simple arm curl exercise into a stabilization exercise by just standing on one foot.  A lot of tools use for stabilization training are bosu, balance board, kamagon ball, TRX, foam roller and stability balls.  Each of these will challenge your stabilization in many ways.  It would be best to consult a fitness professional to learn how to do these and help change up your routine.

Stabilization training involves selecting exercises that require you to use the balance and stabilization mechanisms of your body for one to three sets of 12 - 20 repetitions. Stabilization training is used to improve posture, core strength, joint stability, coordination, balance and muscular endurance. When you perform these exercises, because there is an increase in repetitions, you will use relatively light weights. Stabilization exercises will often use equipment such as stability balls, balance disks, or cables and/or require you to perform them with one leg or arm. It is important to note that exercises should only be as unstable as can be safely controlled. This type of training will help you build a strong foundation (such as strengthening tendons, ligaments and postural muscles) to help protect your joints. Once your stabilization system is nice and strong, your body will be better prepared for traditional strength exercises to increase strength and power.

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