How can I keep my butt from sagging?


As we age, loss of muscle tissue and skin collagen, will cause the rear side to slide down. The best way to fight this back is to train the muscles in the area in "multi dimension" technique. Squats and lunges are great, but have to be done in all directions to keep the desired round shape.

Exercise Circuit like the following routine, can help to shape up your rear view dramatically.

  • Barbell center squat.
  • Side squat + soccer kick.
  • Plié squat + side kick.
  • Forward lunges + back kick.
  • Backward lunges + front kick.
  • Diagonal lunges.
  • Stair climbing.

For details and more exercises, feel free to contact me.


To keep your butt from sagging, focus on movements that will help target the hips and butt muscles and extend your hips. Movements like squats, glute bridges, tubing walks. Single leg cable extensions will all target the muscles of the butt and hip and help you strengthen and tone the muscles of the butt. To perform a squat, stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward and knees over second and third toes, Slowly begin to squat down, bending knees and flexing hips, keeping feet straight (as if sitting into a chair). Do not allow any internal rotation at the hips or knees. Allow the pelvis to sit back while maintaining a neutral spine. Keep the chest up and put pressure through the heels. To rise back up, contract glutes and place pressure through the heels as knees are extended. Stand up straight until hips and legs are fully extended. Avoid compensation in the low back or lower extremities. To perform a bridge, lie flat on the ground on your back, feet with heels and soles on the floor. While keeping your spine in neutral alignment raise your hips off the ground until your hips are in line with your torso and shoulders, reverse positions until your hips are on the floor again. Tubing walks are performed by placing rubber tubing around your knees or feet and standing in a squat position with the feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward and knees over second and third toes. Step laterally while maintaining this position and perform 10-15 repetitions. To perform a single leg cable extension connect a cable to your ankle and stand with your core engaged facing the machine hips straight. Contract your glute and keep your leg straight as you extend your leg and pull the cable away from your body. Keep your core and glutes engaged during the whole movement. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Loss of muscle mass, weight gain, and dry skin all contribute to the dreaded butt droop. Learn how to in this video with Dr. Oz.

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