How does interval training help weight management?

When it comes to weight managment, lack of progress can be directly related to a lack of intensity. Getting a hard body demands hard work, and interval training is an excellent way to break out of one's comfort zone and challenge the body to respond.

Interval training involves alternating periods of hard anaerobic exercise (the stress phase) with periods of easier aerobic exercise (the recovery phase). It enables a person to burn more calories and is more effective for weight loss than traditional, steady-state aerobic activity. Interval training twice a week for 30 minutes can dramatically increase a person's daily energy expenditure by raising the metabolic rate.

The stress phase of interval training engages muscles, resulting in an increase in lean muscle tissue, which in turn boosts metabolism. The body needs to work hard to repair muscles after such an intense workout, so interval training creates a greater post-exercise caloric expenditure than steady-state aerobic exercise.

The body's lactate threshold is also increased by interval training. This means that a person is able to exercise at a high intensity for a longer period of time before lactic acid accumulates to the point that the muscles have to slow down.

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