I can not hold a plank for a long time, what should I do?

Like most things in exercise you may not be able to do much at first but practice will help.  There are seveal ways to achieve at holding a plank longer. The common plank is where you are on your forearms and toes.  If this is too hard for you there are more simple variations.  A good way is either standing or sitting in your chair and drawing your belly button towards your spine.  If this is too easy you can modify the floor version by going on your knees and forearms.  By this time you should be able to do the standard floor plank on your forearms and toes.  All it takes is practice and commitment.

You can increase the length of time you hold a plank by first modifying (regressing) the exercises and then changing other acute variables. The simplest modification for a plank is to perform the exercise on your knees, rather than on your toes, and forearms. If this modification is still too difficult try performing it in a more vertical position. For example, place your forearms on a step, bench, or chair. This will decrease the demand placed on your core and allow you to progress in terms of body position and time under tension. When adjusting the acute variables, you can perform two to three sets of the exercise with 15 repetitions per set, holding the top position for 2-4 seconds and working to expand the time at the top. This will help you establish the muscular endurance necessary to sustain the position for a longer period of time.

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