What is a good exercise to improve hand quickness?

Many, if not all, hand-reaction drills stem from the torso's ability to generate force that extends through the hands. A stiff jab, a well-timed parry, a bare-handed put-out, an impossible dig - are all evidence of your core muscles' ability to generate force that extends through your hands as skill in sport. Try a speed shoulder tubing press exercise to reinforce the connection between the core and your upper extremities.


Hand quickness like any other sport or functional activity requires training to improve the speed of our hand. Some training tips (depending on your activity) include bouncing a ball against a wall and catching it at different heights (overhead, under hand, lateral and medial catches). Set a goal like 10-15 catches in 30 seconds. To progress this exercise; increase your catching goal or decrease your time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Another exercise is clap pushups. Start in the down position of the push up. The push-up from the down start position is a strong, dynamic push from the ground. As you push from the ground and your hands leave the ground, slap your hands together and land palms down in the starting position. Try 10 slap pushups in 45 seconds. With practice and decreasing your time to up to 20 seconds, your hand quickness will improve.

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