How can I use a band to strengthen my butt?


Excellent! Complete what I call the “glute blaster.” Yes, the name along should intrigue you!

  • Glute blaster – Start on all fours, hands and knees. Next, take the band and wrap behind your foot, in-between your heel and the ball of your foot. Next, grab a hold of the band with both of your hands. Now press your foot straight back so it lines up with your back. Return to start. Complete on both sides and feel those glutes work!


Dr. Mike Clark, DPT
Perform the following exercises in a circuit (one exercise after the other without rest) with a band to shape and tone your butt:

1. Floor bridges with a band around your thighs (just above your knees)
2. Tube walking (band around your ankles)
    a. Side walking (10 steps to the right and 10 steps to the left)
    b. Backwards walking (step out and back at a 45 degree angle with right leg
        and then repeat with left leg....perform 10 steps with each leg)

Peform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions/steps 3x/week

Exercise Tips:
1. Go slow
2. Focus on your muscles.....squeeze them as you are completing each repetition
3. Keep your abdominals active (pull your bellybutton to your spine)
4. Keep your feet straight
5. Keep your knees aligned over your second toe
A great exercise is Backward Monster walks! You can start with a easy-medium level band (progress to highier level bands as needed). Place the band around and a little above your ankles. Make sure you have 30-50 feet of clear space to walk(clear all clutter and debris from your intended walking path; do not walk over throw rugs) . Standing as straight as possible, move your leg on a 45 degree angle behind you as far as you can reach WITHOUT arching your back or leaning forward. It is not as important as how far you can stretch your leg backward as it is keeping a good posture (no back arch or foward lean). Keep your leg as straight as possible during the backward step. Walk about 30-50 feet, then turn and walk back. Repeat 2-4 times.
Butt Blasters. Get on all fours and wrap the band underneath your right heel with the handles underneath both hands. Kick your right heel back 25 times and switch sides. Really focus on squeezing your butt and lifting your leg every time. Look slightly above your hands during the movement. For more advanced do 50x each leg and pulse at the highest movement 25x.

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