What exercise can I practice at home to improve my balance?


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My favorite at home balance practice is something I call the "toothbrush technique".  In the morning while brushing your teeth, I want you to lift your right foot slightly off the floor, shifting your weight to your left leg and stay there as long as you can.  In the evening, I want you to do the same thing - but this time lift your left foot off the floor and shift your weight to the right.  Eventually you will be able to maintain your balance on one leg through toothbrushing and flossing.  This is an easy way to incorporate balance training into your day without any special equipment, and turns your dental hygiene routine into serious multi-tasking!

My favorite balance move you can do at home is stand on one leg.  It is so simple but yet so difficult for most people to perform, regardless of age and athletic ability.  Here is a proper set up and some tricks that might help you perform this exercise flawlessly.

1 - Stand with your feet under your hips.

2 - Stand with most of your weight on your right foot with the left toes barely touching the floor.

3 - Make sure you have a slight bend in the right knee.

4 - Look straight ahead and find a focus point to try and clear your mind of what you are doing and place your hands either on your hips or out to the side of you.

5 - Pull your abs into your spine and squeeze your buttocks, notice a slight pelvis tilt that feels like you just locked yourself into place and you should feel secure.

6 - Slowly lift the left toes off the floor as high as you feel comfortable taking them away from floor.

7 - Hold for as long as you can and then switch and do the same thing on the other side.

When starting out you can use a chair or stand by a wall or door frame to give you something to hold onto or give you a sense of security to master this exercise, especially if you are older and prone to falls because you don't have strong balance skills.

You can practice the tight rope at home to improve your balance. 

For this one you can use a string or any straight line you have on the ground in your home. With your hands out to your sides shoulder height and your palms up imagine you are walking along a tight rope. Try to look straight ahead the entire time. Walk all the way forward and all the way back with the seam or line in the middle of your foot. When that is easy for you, try walking backwards. Go back and forth 5 times.

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