What is an effective exercise to target the lower chest muscles?


To target the lower pecs one of the best exercises to do is a decline bench press with either a barbell or two dumbbells.

My recommendation is to do 10 sets of 3 reps with as much weight as you can do 3 reps with.

Having a spotter to work out with will help you achive your goals faster as they can help you do "forced reps."

Without doing forced reps, your body will reach a plateau and stop responding to your workouts.

So be sure and always give your body something new that it has to adapt to, and you will keep seeing new growth in your muscles.

An effective exercise to target the lower area of the chest muscles is a stability ball push-up with two feet on the ball.  This exercise emphasizes the lower area of the chest muscles due to the feet being in an elevated position relative to the upper body.  Perform this exercise by followign the technique described below.  Begin in a push-up position with feet together on top of a stability ball and your hands on the floor, placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.  Maintain a straight line between your feet, hips and shoulders while drawing-in your belly button and squeezing your butt muscles.  With your back flat, slowly lower your body toward the floor, while lowering and contracting your shoulder blades together.  Push-up back to the starting position being careful not to jut your head forward.  Alternatively, if you are unable to perform this exercise, a decline dumbbell chest press exercise will exphasize the same area.

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