Are deadlifts a safe exercise for my back?

Yes, assuming your technique is sound. It is essential to keep your back straight, engage your core and bend at the knees. Weight should always be close to the body. If you have never done deadlifts before, get with a certified professional to check your form.

If performed correctly, deadlifts are a great exercise for developing strength of many muscles in your lower extremities, hips, back, and forearms. Before you perform a deadlift, you first must learn how to perform the exercise correctly. Poor posture during the deadlift exercise can strain your back. There are many variations of the deadlift exercise. Below are instructions for completing the standard deadlift, often times referred as the Russian deadlift. Barbell (Russian) Deadlift Preparation Barbell should be on the ground. Begin with both feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointing forward and knees over second and third toes. Movement Squat down and grab the barbell with both hands (grip slightly wider than shoulder-width). Grip the bar with an alternated hand position with one hand with the palm facing away from you and one hand with the palm facing towards you. Brace (contract) your abdominals, drive through the heels, contract the glutes and lift the barbell until in a fully upright standing position. Be sure not to hyperextend your lower back. Return to original position and repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

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