Can I still try HIIT if I cannot do a lot of running?


If you have some condition/injury where you cannot run there are other exercises that follow the same HIIT guidelines.

First, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. When you are doing a HIIT exercise be sure to use a Interval Timer to get precise intervals, when you can rest and when you should be exercising.

If you aren't physically fit enough to run for an extended period of time then HIIT could be your answer to building up your aerobic threshold. Instead of sprinting first try jogging for 30 seconds then walking for 30 seconds and repeat at least 8 times. After you feel you can accomplish more decrease the amount of time to walk and increase amount of time to jog. After a while of doing this you will be sprinting for 20 seconds and walking/resting for 10 seconds and repeating that!

There are other ways you can accomplish this form of working out in a gym setting, outside on a track, treadmil, or by using your body weight as resistace.

If you are a doing a HIIT style workout then I would suggest using your major muscle groups in a full body exercise. You can always put two exercises together into one smooth motion, for example, a squat to overhead press with a sandbag would be an excellent choice. You could go all out for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds then repeat for at least 8 times.

In any type of HIIT exercise be sure to use major muscle groups. I wouldn't recommend trying this on a bicep curl or leg extension. Remember HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Be sure to start out slow and build your level of fitness up. Good luck!


The main focus of HIIT is the high intensity of the exercise. The mode of the exercise is not as important as how long you can work at a high level with good technique. The best mode of exercise is often the simplest. Using dumbbells or exercise bands are a great way to achieve the intensity while also enabling you to switch from one exercise to the next quickly. This quick change in exercises is another key factor in HIIT.  You must keep the rest period short to continue to overload the body. When selecting cardio equipment, look for equipment that is easy to set up and easy to move to and from.  It also must be something from which you can generate power quickly. For this reason, a treadmill is not always the safest equipment. HIIT treadmill exercise would require  you to set the treadmill at a high speed and jump on and off without reducing the speed  (treadmills generally take too long to increase and decrease speed, which allows for too much rest). Cardio equipment such as bikes, versa climbers and even some ellipticals can be beneficial for creating the intensity you need quickly, as well as sprints or stairs.

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