Can I lose weight doing barre classes?

Bernadette Anderson
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You will experience a buzz, but it won’t be from downing intoxicating empty calories. There are no mojitos or long island ice teas on the menu at this bar. Pure Barre is among boutique fitness studios that are creating lean sculpted bodies.

Clients do not have to be able to do a plié to participate in this challenging workout. Initially, the small burst of movements and slow stretches may be deceptive; however, the words “tiny bend, tiny stretch” will conjure new images in your mind after taking a class at a Pure Barre studio.

How does the bar method differ from a regular gym workout? If you want to elongate the muscles, lift up the derriere, flatten those abs, and firm up the hips and thighs, Pure Barre is the place. As your muscles tremble from fatigue, remember shaking means change. This innovative combination of yoga, Pilates, and ballet will definitely help in the quest to pinch less than an inch! 

How does it work? Each studio integrates unique features into the technique, but there are some universal elements. The workout is set to music. It combines stretching, weights, and fat-burning calisthenics. Start with a warm-up which includes push-ups and free weights. That’s just to wake up the muscles! Onto an intense thigh and seat workout at the ballet bar. The higher on the toes the leaner the thighs! Next, floor exercises that cause the abs to quiver as the instructor says, “a little back a little up.” Attending sessions three or more times a week does the body good! Watch that pure barre ledge lift, the area where the thigh and seat meet!

The real secret to a successful physical makeover is marrying your exercise and nutrition efforts. Your diet and workout regimen must be in sync. While you may observe some improvement by modifying either, it is not until they are in harmony that you will achieve optimal results.

If you want a tight physique, get ready to see your body transform with the Pure Barre workout. How do you drag and squeeze your way to flat abs? The answer is on tap at a Pure Barre Studio.

Happy hour at Pure Barre does more than enhance your physical appearance. It boosts energy, elevates your mood, manages health, improves sleep, and wows the sex life. Highballing it there, yet? 

Looking for a new place to get fit? Stop by Pure Barre. The studio offers the best skinny cocktail around. It serves an hour of moves to fiercely reshape and tone the body! The proof is in the sweat.

Yes. Barre is a combination of dance moves, yoga, and pilates which together provide a challenging whole body workout designed to strengthen and tone all muscles of the body. This can burn large numbers of calories per session and also stimulate metabolism by increasing the amount of lean body mass you have which burns more calories compared to fat which is largely inactive. If barre is combined with a sound nutritional plan that involves healthy eating and mild caloric restriction, then you will be able to lose weight over time.


Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
It differs from person to person. But a steady barre3 practice increases muscle tone, revs the metabolism and enhances body awareness -- all factors in weight loss.

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