Can disco dancing keep me fit?

Disco dancing along with any form of dancing can keep you fit. Being active will help keep you fit. If you are able complete exercise and have fun at the same time then does it really seem like exercise?
Dance can be a great cardiovascular workout! As long as you're moving, getting your heart rate up and having fun I say keep dancing!  I teach Zumba and burn about 600 calories in an hour.  Make sure to add some strength training into your routine and always stretch at the end of your dance parties and you should be good to go!

Dancing can absolutely be a wonderful way to keep fit. All the movement in different directions will take care of the heart and body, and what a fun way to stay fit while having a great time. You could throw in some weight training and stretching to compliment the disco dance and you would have a pretty good routine. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)

There's more to disco than reliving the '70s. It can also keep you fit. Watch this video as Dr. Oz learns some fabulous fat-burning disco moves.


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