What are the benefits of isometric exercise?

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
Isometric exercise is an effective way to build strength and joint stability, in a static hold. I am a big fan of isometric exercises for many reasons. For one, they help shape and define the entire body with less risk of injury than more dynamic movement. But even more important, the stillness of the posture gives you time to check in and work all the detail each posture requires. The effort it takes to align, stabilize, and elongate your body while being still is incredibly mindful and challenging.

As a part of an integrated program that structures training into phases (periodization), isometric training can have numerous benefits associated with it.Isometric training allows individuals to sustain contractions for prolonged periods of time. This can improve muscle endurance and postural control. When combined with a dietary program, isometric training has been shown to decrease body fat levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Isometric training can also be very effective for individuals with limitations in flexibility or range of motion because tension can still be placed on the muscles without having to perform much movement. Also, isometric muscle contractions are responsible for providing stability to our joints. Over time, these benefits allow an individual to sustain prolonged contractions and even train with loads to improve strength, preparing for advanced forms of training which can further increase caloric expenditure. Therefore, incorporating Isometric training into an integrated, periodized exercise plan can help strengthen the muscles so that they take stress away from the joints, potentially decreasing the amount of wear and tear they receive and thus, reduce injury risk.

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