What are the benefits of interval training?

Tracy Kuzava, RDN
Nutrition & Dietetics
There is some good research coming out talking about interval training. That's where you're hitting it really hard for a set amount of time and then you have a relaxation point for a short time and then you go at it again. I think people find it a little bit easier because they feel an end in sight. It's not hard core for 30 minutes. It may be two minutes or three minutes of higher intensity exercise and they feel like they can get through that two or three minutes to have a relaxation period.

Interval training is beneficial because it can save time when compared to traditional exercise protocols, help break fitness plateaus by making the body work harder than it is accustomed to, and prevent boredom within an exercise program. Since the exerciser is forced to constantly change the intensity at which he or she is exercising, it helps time appear to move faster and provides faster results.

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