What are the benefits of kickboxing?

Kickboxing offers up superior cardiovascular benefits as well as resistance training benefits. Kickboxing can increase cardiovascular endurance levels due to the fast pace combined with controlled movements. This forces the heart to pump more efficiently to perform the workout. Since the movements are controlled (even when simulated without contact) you are using both small and large muscle fibers. This increases lean muscle mass. Kickboxing also increases core awareness and strength. Kickboxing works throughout the entire core forcing you to engage all of your core muscles at once to effectively perform the movements.

Kickboxing also helps to increase mind body focus as well as coordination. Kickboxing can be performed be any level of fitness if the right modifications are given. Ensure your safety by seeking a kickboxing professional that practices regularly.

Kickboxing, in my opinion, is one of the best workout to master. It impacts and improves most everything; strength, balance, endurance, core strength and control, cardio and  flexibility. Not to mention stress relief from a good bag workout. One of the best core training systems, since you must use your core with every movement and learn the ability to engage your core to control your strength and increase power in your punches, kicks, elbows and knees and balance. Kickboxing is a mental workout as well, you exercise your mind putting together combinations using kicks, punches, elbows and knees. The more advanced training, the more mental exercise.

Kickboxing is a dynamic high impact totally body workout that will train nearly all areas of the body. The bouncing on the balls of your feet and the punching and kicking will help you develop strength, power, and strong bones. The twisting punching and kicking movements will strengthen your core your hips, legs, and upper arms and back. Kickboxing is an excellent cardiorespiratory workout that is fun and effective. Kickboxing will also help you develop confidence and help you learn how to defend yourself.

Kickboxing is an exciting form of exercise. I have taught a kickboxing class for over 14 years now. Kickboxing helps increase your endurance, range of motion, power, core, balance and flexibility.  Kickboxing also helps with coordination. Your entire body works, it is challenging, and empowering!

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