How can balance exercises improve physical health?


Balance training is one skill that is commonly over looked in workout programs. Balance is a basic stabilization function of our body to support movement throughout the day. By adding balance training into your workout it will help improve core muscle (abdominal and back muscle) function. Increased stability greatly helps with our ability to react to unstable situations throughout the day and improve your daily posture. Balance training is a great benefit especially if your job includes sitting for a majority of the day. 

Balance exercises improve physical health by enhancing joint stabilization and postural control during active movement. In addition, balance exercises improve our body’s ability to respond effectively to unstable environments. This important element of training can improve one’s overall physical health, help prevent falls, and help prevent injury.
Great question! Balance is an important part of your overall health. Balance training will improve posture, core strength and is a great way to help prevent serious falls as we get older. I hope this helps and have fun!
Balance Training can improve your physical health to create more stability and strength around the joints. Training the "Go muscles" allows the show muscle to be stronger. A foundation of stability and strength leads to better postural stability and stability around the ankles, reducing your chance of falling. Overall it gives a sense of emotional well-being and confidence.

First balance is essential for all movements and should be part of all workout routines. Balance improves dynamic joint stabilization, which is the ability for the body to stabilize the joint during movement. Poor balance can result in poor posture and form while exercising, which can lead to injury and structural imbalances in your body. Performing exercises in stability challenged environment, for example on a foam roll, is an excellent challenge your balance and sense of stability.

A key to all movements, whether running down a basketball court, exercising on a stability ball, or walking down stairs, is the ability to maintain balance and postural control. Poor balance is associated with injury risk. Balance training exercises are frequently used to help prevent lower extremity injuries by improving balance ability in many types of individuals, including those who are healthy and physically active. In addition, research has shown that performing balance exercises can help reduce the rate of ankle sprains and rehabilitate knee (ACL) injuries. Lastly, performing balance exercises requires the body to recruit more muscles to help stabilize it. In doing so, more calories are potentially expended aiding in weight loss.

Balance training is an important component to add to your workout routine. Although the risk for falls and injuries increases with age, benefits from balance training can be seen at any age. Balance is a skill needed in every sport and can also increase the efficiency and stability in daily activities. Training balance involves putting the body in an unstable position - training the mind and muscles to stabilize.

Balance training examples to try:

Do biceps curls, lateral raises or any upper body movement while standing on one foot or unstable surface (balance board, “Bosu Ball”…)

Do single leg - squats, hops, alternate leg/arm swings on floor - gradually increasing the challenge to an unstable surface.

The less you use balance…it the worse it gets - so incorporating it into your program now improves your chances of staying strong and injury free!

Balance training is an important component of an integrated exercise program and can enhance joint stabilization and postural control during active movement. In addition, balance exercises improve our body’s ability to respond effectively to unstable environments.

Whenever we move, we need to control our center of gravity over a base of support that is constantly changing.  In order to move safely and effectively, we must have the ability to control our joints and our overall structure in somewhat unstable environments. 

Balance training enhances joint stability as we move and decreases stress on the joints.  This important element of training can improve one’s overall physical health and help prevent injury and should not be overlooked.

The single leg balance reach is a great starting balance exercise:

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